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When the ground squirts out its blood and pours it in the vessels of desire, and then charms the spirits yearning to get unshackled from the limited and flows beyond the existing present whilst hovering with the minds that were muddied with the clay of bitterness, and transcends them to the kingdoms of serenity and the paradise of oblivion; we then exist in the majestic presence of wine.
When the soil produces its best and sweats with its enchanted dew while sedately abiding in the vats, residing with the awe of the Sultans, the minds dispute its status and religions ban or bless its enjoyment, then you are in the majestic presence of wine.


When you choose to become a manufacturer or a skilled worker, it means that God has granted you the gift of innovation, but when you produce wine that you extract from the branches of the vines, the magic of the nations and the paradox of the minds, and you distil it, then God has bestowed on you a selective blessing of creation and has made you a partner in creating one of the fascinations of the obscure existence.


Since yearning is the brook of the minds which flows to the ocean of innovation and achievement, and since the generosity of heaven corresponded with this yearning in time and location, there was the birth of Vigna Verde; a creation of the goddess of wine in the new era, and a neighbor to Bacchus Temple (Baalbak Fortress); god of wine in the old era.


Vigna Verde (s.a.r.l.) is a family company with limited liabilities owned and equally shared by five brothers of the Geagea family. It was established in 2009, and it is the owner of the winery in Barka, known as Chateau BARKA. It was thus called after the country the owners come from; Barka, a mountain village located in northern Bekaa, 1450m above sea level.
Vigna Verda (s.a.r.l.) ventured into the realm of wine from all its aspects since it was established on the basis and requirements of the systematic and scientific prerequisites of modern standards. Consequently, it has succeeded in speedily proving its solid ground as a company run by a professional team of experts.
Vigna Verde (s.a.r.l.) is not merely a financial enterprise; it is a company which bears a comprehensive humanitarian vision that aims at altering a handful of misconceptions prevailing in the Barka region. As a result, our company’s influences have manifested themselves on multiple levels following the establishment of our winery.


The Company’s main office and general administration are located in Horsh Tabet, Beirut, whereas the factory and the winery are in Barka.