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Our Partners




The owners of Vigna Verde (s.a.r.l) run a family business of five brothers, partners of equal shares and according to their age difference their qualifications are as follows:

  • Partner One: Suleiman Geagea (Civil Engineer)
  • Partner Two: Ihsan Geagea (Lawyer)
  • Partner Three: Hamdan Geagea (Businessman; Majoring in Law)
  • Partner Four: Hisham Geagea (Wine maker, MA in Viticulture and Oenology (Oenologist) graduate of Sup Agro Montpelier, France. He also hold an MA in Bio-Chemistry)
  • Partner Five: Rakan Geagea, (BA in business; Sales and Marketing Manager of Vigna Verde)


The Company, along with its administration, production, and marketing divisions is entrusted to the third, fourth, and fifth partners who work as an organized team with the assistance of a trained human resources group.