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Our Services



Our Services Include:


1. Produce wine of three different genres: (Red, White, Rose) bearing the brand name CHATEAU BARKA & CLOS SAINT BENOIT, at the rate of (100,000) bottles annually. It is worth mentioning that Vigna Verde’s marketing principle is basically founded upon targeting quality; consequently, we decided not to produce huge numbers of bottles, but set our target at producing no more than (250.000) bottles annually. This procedure helps in providing the ultimate care for each bottle which boasts its quality and uniqueness. What helps us maintain the finest quality of our produce is the richly fertile vineyard soil in our area which is globally categorized as premium of the first degree for planting vine, since our vineyards are exposed to an ideal amount of sunshine and suitable weather.


2. Equip wine, beer and gin factories in the Middle East region with the state-of-the-art technology that corresponds with world class features and requirements.


3. Import first breed vine plants from Greece, France, and Italy.


4.Import galvanized iron hoists especially manufactured for vineyard scaffoldings from Profile Alsace company, France, since we are its agents in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.


5. Bottle wine for other brands, which, by trade name, is known as Private Label.


6. Study the quality of soil kinds in our laboratory and rehabilitate vineyards.


7. Consult and assist other vine growers in the art of planting vine, wine producing, and bottling.


8. Organize regular sessions for wine tasting (Tasting School).